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The New Psychology of Selling

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In the heartwarming film Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams portrays the role of a marvelous psychologist who agrees to take on a troubled young man played by Matt Damon. Their connection is adversarial at first. With great skill and compassion the psychotherapist reaches through the pain and wins the love and appreciation of the troubled youth. Their connection is palpable. 

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Few salespeople understand the process of winning lifelong relationships with high value customers. Many are adept at presenting the product and closing the sale. But most leave money on the table simply because no one thinks to train them how to understand themselves and others. 

The very finest therapists and salespeople learn to earn the trust of their clients through a process of transference. Mastery of this skill enabled legendary John Leahy to sell entire fleets of multi-million-dollar jets for Airbus. His deep connectivity with people from a wide variety of cultures took the lowly airline company from obscurity to greatness in less than a decade. 

Transference and counter-transference are the power tools of building great webs of connection in business. As the professional relationship develops, the buyer transfers decision-making power to a trusted counselor. Superior sales leaders discern how to guide the conversation toward the best interest of the people they serve. They take the entire business system and all affected family systems into account.  

Dedicated practitioners begin with a thorough education in social skills, followed by an apprenticeship with a trusted mentor.  Over time they get results that traditional salespeople can scarcely imagine. 

Sage University has been training high-performance leaders and connectors since 1995. We have transformed the cultures of large firms, global banking institutions, and innovative entrepreneurs. Whereas motivational training swiftly wears off and fades, the Sage Method plants seeds of integrity that will grow and spread for decades. 

The New Psychology of Selling is a graduate level course in the process of understanding oneself and others. We designed this deep online interactive course for professionals who realize the value of human dynamics in business. 

Online marketing and investment strategies have a place in business. Knowing the rules of the money game is valuable. But, to quote W. Edwards Deming, “profound knowledge of people” is the organizing factor in producing quality experiences and manufacturing processes. If you want to learn more, contact us at info@sageuniversity.com. 

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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