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Selling Them Softly

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A successful entrepreneur achieved success by offering outstanding services to his clients. To increase his financial advantage, he applied high pressure selling tactics. After several years he noticed that he had plenty of customers but no friends or close family.

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Our friend was a decent man with good intentions. He was doing his best to provide for his family. But pressured action creates equal and opposite reaction. People pushed back. Their resentment seeped into his practice and spread to his family. He responded with irritation that evolved into hostility.

You know this guy. His name is Anyone. Over the past four decades we have seen both male and female entrepreneurs weave webs of antagonism in their communities. They generated higher income for a while, until their tactics ruined their reputations and closed them off from the love and appreciation they desired.

Selling Them Softly is four exciting days of rehearsal in the art of winning friends and attracting loyal, enthusiastic fans. When people feel your love and respect they naturally refer their friends and families to you. Selling softly goes slower in the beginning. But kindness grows to create a wonderful life, both personally and professionally.

Soft selling attracts. Hard selling repels. People today just don't respond to canned pitches or closing tricks. They are looking for people they can trust. Techniques are easy to learn. But they make you look slimy or greedy. When you manipulate people in your career you develop terrible habits that turn off the very people you wish to serve.

Selling softly requires a whole new business model. Tactics are the noise that portends defeat. Flexible strategies are the way to genuine success. In this online 4-day interactive session you will develop new strategies through role-play, observation and uplifting feedback. You will recall the playful receptivity that invites people to choose you.

Learn to sell softly by falling down and having fun with friends. Master high quality selling by making mistakes with classmates who offer friendship along with the feedback you need to excel.

Entrepreneurs don’t gamble. We don’t push or pull people. We get rich slowly by developing lifelong friendships and earning the trust of people who hold us in high esteem. In four brief days you will take your game to the next level.

Schedule (Sept. 7.-10.):

7PM - 10PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Optional Bonus Hour: 10PM - 11PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)


Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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