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The Nature of Reality

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If you change how you see life, you develop alternative realities. Certain perspectives bring love or prosperity. While most people are captured by a linear reality of time, alternative views can instantly shift you into exciting adventures beyond your fondest dreams.

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The newly emerging field of neuro-physics blends elements of psychology with tenets of quantum physics. Thought leaders who explore the nature of conscious awareness gain profound knowledge of human nature. By their superior understanding of human dyanmics they form creative partnerships that inspire new possibilities in the structure of business.

Perceptions are not reality. The world you see and hear can be compared to the images on your computer screen. They are only graphic representations of reality. Behind the screen lies a chip that operates on quantum principles and a World Wide Web that connects people by means of a wireless network that spans the globe. Likewise, your perspective on life and on business is only the visible part of the universe we inhabit. Behind the curtain you dissolve into a field of pure potential. The entire universe exists as a reflection of your intention.

The first stage of conscious awareness is the realization that the world created by your senses is an image in your mind.

Perceived events in your life are not actually happening. You don't really exist as the familiar character you play. Essentially you are floating in space, encaptured by a scary movie.

The recognition of hidden potentials awakens vivid curiosity that shines a light on possibilities you could never have imagined. Expanding awareness reveals non-being and facilitates non-doing. By re-ordering your magnetic properties you transform business and life into a dance of simplicity and ease.

Sage graduate school is a self-organizing system that taps the intelligence of advanced students. Each one holds a piece of an elaborate puzzle. This course is a series of presentations by you and your classmates. By releasing each other, you are released. Familiar ideas dissolve to reveal wisdom that arises from the deepest reaches of being.

Consciousness flows into all forms. It is beyond pushing and pulling–giving and taking. There is nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Your renewed perspective and freshness of appreciation attract new friends into your business web.

Ibiza is where you come to explore the nature of consciousness. For more information, please email info@sageuniversity.com.

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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