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Human Dynamics

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When a man walks into a party, he scopes out the room. Is he looking for opportunities? Does he perceive a threat? Can he see all of the subtle interactions of the celebrants? Does he mark out his territory?

If a woman enters the same room at the same time, does she see the same thing, or something similar? Is she noticing which people tend to gather? Does she look for a pecking order?

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How does a scientist or a psychologist perceive the dynamics of the crowd? Do highly trained observers see more, better, or different than regular guests? Or are they blinded by precognitive evaluations? 

Shift this scenario to a corporate board meeting, a leadership conference or a congressional hearing. Or imagine the faces of jurors who will decide your fate. Who can best estimate their ideas, moods, and opinions?

No human can match the facial recognition capabilities of Watson--IBM’s mighty super computer. But no computer can even begin to empathize or understand the layers of communication patterns within a person or between people.

You, on the other hand, have no choice. You have to make hundreds of decisions and participate in thousands of complex interactions every day that will determine how you live and love-–even whether you live or love at all.

Human Dynamics is 4 seperate weekends of scientific people reading. You will learn to perceive human behavior more accurately in families, communities, and organizations. Profound observations enhance pattern recognition. As you transcend habitual perceptions you will develop special lenses to lead people. 

By pursuing a study in human dynamics, you are signaling your intent to discern governing dynamics that are invisible to others. You will contribute breakthroughs in the art and science of human understanding. 


Intent is the relentless pursuit of fulfilling desires. The ultimate source of desire is curiosity. By attending the Human Dynamics series you will gain deeper, clearer access to the function of curiosity than professions that are focused on facts, proofs, data, theories, and interpretations.

The thought experiments that we will construct together will take all of us on a voyage of discovery. What we will discover is not answers, but options. Your presence in any school, business or social system will bring light to the shadowy intrigues and double-binds that bedevil our species.

This enjoyable series combines the 3 Amigos–-epistemic curiosity, experiential curiosity, and instinctive curiosity. Together we will traverse expanded dimensions of curiosity, including 3-d perceptions of reality and 4-d projections such as you would experience on the threshold of a car wreck or in an intense athletic event when time expands and you develop lightning perceptions and super fast reactions.

Just as you can shift your 5-speed transmission with a stick on the floor, you can shift your perceptual pace at appropriate moments with a switch in your mind. 

 Specifically, we will observe:

  • face reading
  • body language
  • sensate focus
  • movement patterns
  • autonomic neural response
  • pleasure and pain perceptions
  • aspects and dimensions of curiosity
  • nature of thought and reasoning
  • high performance feedback systems
  • linguistic anomalies
  • patterns of communication
  • split-focus awareness

Possible applications for these skills include:

  • filmmaking
  • business consulting
  • marketing strategies
  • creative endeavors
  • family system intervention
  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership
  • partnership
  • coaching and/or training
  • health and fitness
  • applications of game theory
  • enhanced teamwork
  • project management breakthroughs
  • and last, but not least, the pursuit of happiness

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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