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Bagging a Mammoth

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Selling one client at a time will assist that person while paying your rent and putting food on the table. Selling large corporate contracts will serve many people while handling your financial needs for weeks, months, or years to come.

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Our hunter/gather ancestors often subsisted on wild plants and small game. A few tribes collected grass over the summer, so that when the plains were bare, they could use hay as bait to attract a mammoth to the shores of a lake. A hunting team risked their lives to bring down the great beast. After harvesting the fur and the ivory, they pushed the carcass into the freezing water so they would have enough meat for the long cold winter ahead.

Hunting big game has its dangers. There is no margin for error. The team has to develop harmony within and apply tremendous force to carry the day.

What was true for our ancestors remains true today--it takes incredible resolve and teamwork to land a giant corporation. While there are plenty of large companies that need your service and products, there are damn few people today who can create the spirit, organize the team, and execute the selling strategy.

Success requires great focus and thorough research to find the right client. Then you must recruit the best players and train them extensively to handle every contingency. Only a strong, compassionate sales leader can win the loyalty and arouse the fierce desire necessary to bag a mammoth corporation.

Bagging a Mammoth is power selling. We play for the championships. Most sales trainings are like kindergarten. You learn to make presentations and to close sales. But this event conveys the complex, complementary skills necessary to win the larger game of business.

Sage University has developed highly effective training procedures to put you in the big leagues. You will rehearse your position on the playing field, conduct live practice sessions, and get the feedback you need to eliminate the mistakes that have prevented you from opening doors in the past.

A corporation has invisible walls to protect the company. Great sellers know how to open the gates and knock on the right doors. Likewise, the buyer is a human being, whose body and mind is set to defend the integrity of the company. At the same time every business leader is curious to find effective, cooperative associates and partners. Every person relies on physical gates to sense trust. You and your team can learn to open them. 

Teams from Sage have trained large corporations, Swiss banks, and countless medium companies and free agent entrepreneurs. Our clients include service providers, construction companies, tech businesses, cosmetic distributors, and numerous specialty firms.

Theory is an essential aspect of an experiment. Tactics are the noise that precedes defeat. Superior strategy and execution are the keys to victory. Bagging a Mammoth blends theory, tactics, strategy, and execution in one coherant approach. Our training leaves no margin for error. 

Winter is coming. If you are ready to prosper, you need a new web of business connections. Join us for two days to master the procedures that will elevate your career and provide for the people you love.

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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