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Feminine Leadership

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Masculine leadership is a brilliant fire. Feminine leadership is gentle water that flows into the deepest spaces, nurturing new life. Together they have the potential to create wonderful outcomes for every man, woman and child on earth.

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Women are enjoying more power today than at any other time in written history. But female doesn't always infer femininity. When women seize power by coercion and deceit, they mirror the deeds of men--minus the masculine force. The war between the sexes gets headlines. But no one wins a battle.

When feminine consciousness embraces the masculine, the combination gives birth to a new form of society. Feminine leaders transform corporations into living organisms. They introduce receptive communication to co-create new dimensions of awareness in business.

Businessmen today are eager to open doors of opportunities for women. As the new breed of women leaders come in peace, a great dam is washing away, restoring the natural flow of intelligence to humanity.

True equality is an alternating current of electromagnetic force. Currently, power remains in the hands of men. Trust is the key that opens the vault. Learn to earn trust with men and women alike, and watch your fortunes change as you transform the way the world conducts business.

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