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How to Marry the Rich

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The most direct path to wealth and luxury is marriage. If you are honest, kind, and caring, you are well suited for partnership with someone who is rich and generous.  

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Timidity and judgement hold people back from seeking the right partner. Your socio-economic standing depends on finding your community. Most folks cling to familiar values because they fear what they don’t understand. 

Genuine love sees with the heart. Should you decide to marry up, you must be prepared to move to a completely new place and embrace an entirely new circle of friends. If you are willing to develop fresh attitudes, behaviors, and connections, you can gain access to prosperity and privilege. This course shows the way.

Meeting the rich is easier than you think.  Successful people gather in special places where you are entirely welcome if you are willing to look and act the part. How to Marry the Rich is more than strategy and tactics. We use interviews and role-play to learn new social skills. You will develop a special awareness--an ability to exchange lower class values for higher, lighter perceptions. If you are willing to transform yourself into a warm, accepting person and to demonstrate a sense of equality and vivaciousness, you will immediately become the focus of new friends who will guide you to meet the right people. 

Would you rather be right or rich? Are you willing to live a life free from worry by accepting and appreciating people who are lonely despite their financial success? 

In today's world, it is easier for men to achieve success in business. More than 80% of male millionaires earn their money by owning their own businesses and making the right connections. Until now the greatest number of women millionaires achieved their status by becoming the power behind the throne. Obviously, this approach doesn't work for everyone. If you feel you have what it takes to discover a whole new you, this course will show you the way.

Some women prefer to not marry the rich. Rather they seek a wise, compassionate man who shows them how to achieve success on their own terms. 

The woman who aspires to the good life, should find the partner who complements her own special qualities. Love is not about infatuation or romantic illusions. True love occurs between those who practice trust, loyalty, and genuine affection. Power couples occur when two people want the best for each other.

Curious people make new friends and live exciting adventures. If you recognize an element of your personal truth in this information, you might want to join us for a delightful weekend online. Together we will consider the power of partnership in securing a life that is in tune with your true nature.

Please feel free to contact us to see if this class fits your interests and desires.

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