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Millionaire Magic

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If you want to achieve great prosperity, you have to know how. To earn a million Euros (or dollars) per year you must develop new people skills and business skills. You also have to give up your mind set and break a few bad habits. 

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Working for a living is hard, and it is boring. Climbing the ladder of success requires getting to know mentors and winning the trust of successful friends who can help you find your way. More than 80% of millionaires earned their money by owning and operating their own business. Sage University has helped thousands of people initiate lean startups. Many of those folks went on to create teams and companies that earned over a hundred thousand euros/dollars per month. Dozens of them chose to follow the formula to become multi-millionaires.

People who achieve momentum in business enjoy life more. They love what they do for a living, and they have the financial freedom to open their senses and live their dreams. Some of them were smart. Some were not. But all of them were willing to stick to the formula each day until they reached the financial level they desired. 

Business is a sport. Only a few people aspire to playing at a professional level. Millionaire Magic shows you how to build a team to achieve and maintain momentum in your business. Here you will learn to experience the pace necessary for moving large amounts of money. More importantly, you will learn to maintain the intensity necessary to win in the game of business.

Most people waste their lives away waiting for something to happen. They dream of easy money or passive income. That is a fool's game. The majority of aspirants fail to follow the recipe, or they just give up. Too many people think that something or someone will come along to make their dreams come true. That isn't going to happen.

Moving money comes down to constantly, consistently providing value for others. You can get anything you want--if you are willing to get enough other people what they want. You have to get past laziness, greed, and envy to find the generosity and passion to commit your life to the game of business.

If you row a boat, and then stop, you have to expend great energy just to get going again. But when a team of oarsmen get in sync and then maintain a rhythmic pace, they can easily cover great distances with little effort. More importantly, they come to love the feeling of teamwork and the taste of winning. 

Typically people stop and start their business projects, wasting time and resources, while squandering the efforts of other people. At the end of their lives they are exhausted, and no closer to financial freedom.

You can learn to move your projects through the action stages that build momentum. But you won’t acquire those skills in traditional business school. We created Sage University to give you the actual experience you need. 

When you reach the point that you are ready to do what it takes, our instructors can show you the steps and instill the discipline you need to succeed. The professors at Sage University have earned success in the real world. Forget about theoretical lectures and get-rich-quick schemes. What you need is to conduct “mission impossible” projects with other eager players who enjoy staying on-task all day, every day. 

How It Works

You move money when you can move people. Dale Carnegie had it right. When you learn to win friends and influence people, you can attract the teammates, clients and customers you need to achieve success on a larger scale. As it stands, you are turning people off, and you don’t see how you are doing it. And no one is telling you the truth about why they don’t want to buy from you.

Millionaire Magic provides 3 days of instant, accurate feedback. You will get the absolute accountability you need to become aware of your fatal business flaws. You will become acutely aware how your attitude and behavior is increasing or decreasing your income. You will learn to notice when your actions and moods shut people down and push them away from your products and services. Over time, you will acquire the awareness and the inner discipline you need to light other people up with your passionate participation in their lives.

This class is elite business training for people who are absolutely committed to achieving success. You should only take this course when you are ready to leave your comfort zone and step onto the professional playing field shared by a few high performance people. You must be willing to follow instructions and to participate with enthusiasm. Your level of participation will create your outcome. Your enthusiasm will affect your classmates, as well. Before you enroll you will want to be sure to spend some time with our team to make certain that you are clear about the level of challenge.

Earning real prosperity requires tremendous effort. You have to play hard with other players who are as committed to success as you are. You must be willing to play at a scorching pace and generate all the enthusiasm necessary to get results under any circumstances. Great business players are willing to do the things that other people prefer to avoid. You will relinquish your fearfulness and build the kind of character that other people can count on.

You can spend the rest of your life explaining your point of view about money, or you can join the people who are moving money. If it is time to make your move, join us online for the most exciting game you will ever play.

Millionaire Magic is expensive and it is rigorous. It will cost you 3 days and 900 Euros to unwind your stress and to find the pulse of pleasure you need to win the game of business. If you really intend to reach the top, we can provide the coaching you need. Fulfill your promise to yourself. Call us for an appointment to see if you are ready to do what it takes to become a self-made millionaire.

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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