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  1. Coach Me If You Can

    Coach Me If You Can

    The most pleasurable, cost-effective way to get accurate feedback on your coaching is to attend our annual 4 week Monday Night Class Online.

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    Excl. Tax: €165.29 Incl. Tax: €200.00
  2. Coaching School

    Coaching School

    Professional coaching brings out the best in people. Every time you coach another person to high performance, you glow with aliveness. Spend 8 playful sessions with us, and we will make you one of the finest coaches in the world.

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    Excl. Tax: €330.58 Incl. Tax: €400.00 As low as: €80.01
  3. CoachMart


    At Sage University, we provide weekly interactive online training for 40€ per month

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    Excl. Tax: €33.06 Incl. Tax: €40.00
  4. Communication


    You can take your people skills to a new level by joining the new Monday Night Class online.

    People typically discuss debate and argue to make a point. They rarely notice their effect on other people. By joining this fun-filled event you will receive honest, friendly feedback you can use to stop turning people off and to achieve cooperation with family, friends and associates. Learn More

    Excl. Tax: €165.29 Incl. Tax: €200.00
  5. Entrepreneur School

    Entrepreneur School

    More than 80% of successful people achieved their prosperity by owning and operating their own small businesses. Free agent entrepreneurs earn financial freedom and enjoy more quality time. They are free to set their own schedules. Learn More
    Excl. Tax: €330.58 Incl. Tax: €400.00 As low as: €80.01
  6. How to Talk: Trainer Training

    How to Talk: Trainer Training

    Sage Communication Transformers give you the power to fulfill your fondest dreams. You acquire sweeter, deeper love when you teach others. 

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    Excl. Tax: €413.22 Incl. Tax: €500.00
  7. NexStep


    For Professional Athletes Only

    Your true calling is more exciting and more lucrative than any sport or performing art. Within every man and woman lies the seeds of greatness. Professional athletes have the desire, the discipline, and the drive to achieve success. They just need the tools to apply their talent and training to the game of business. 

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    Excl. Tax: €33.06 Incl. Tax: €40.00
  8. Project Management

    Project Management

    The Difference Between Success and Failure

    The person who can conduct projects with others has more fun and earns far more income. Project Management is easy to learn. We meet each Tuesday to learn the stages and to coordinate your checklists. After a few weeks you understand and apply a few simple procedures that transform pressure to pleasure and dramatically increase your cash flow. 

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    Excl. Tax: €330.58 Incl. Tax: €400.00
  9. Quick Coaching Online

    Quick Coaching Online

    When you need to change your career you want to speak with highly qualified counselors who have many years of experience assisting people to follow the passion in their own hearts. Learn More
    Excl. Tax: €16.53 Incl. Tax: €20.00 As low as: €9.99
  10. Sage Rejuvenation Online

    Sage Rejuvenation Online

    When you are happy and fulfilled, you want to move and play. If you become exhausted or upset, you lose warmth and energy. Your body requires heat (calories) or pleasurable movement to restore your balance.

    Sage Rejuvenation online is a weekly support group of caring individuals who have your best interest at heart. By restoring your vitality each week, you recharge your batteries for the adventure of a lifetime. 

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    Excl. Tax: €33.06 Incl. Tax: €40.00