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Coaching School

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Professional coaching brings out the best in people. Every time you coach another person to high performance, you glow with aliveness. Spend 4 playful sessions with us, and we will make you one of the finest coaches in the world.

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Traditional training for coaches is based on outdated problem solving methods. Despite breakthroughs in motivation and training, too many coaches unconsciously fall back on advice, suggestion, programming and criticism. But the most effective coaching is pure fun. By approaching life as a game and business as a sport, you live life as a high performance event.

No other training can give you the tools to move people like this. Coaching School shows you how to create the magic of team spirit. Advanced coaching systems like ours employ transformers—patterns of communication that go far deeper than linguistic programming, body language, and gestalt. Our unique transpersonal approach inspires people to live their lives as a series of peak experiences.

Sage University’s Coaching School shows you how to use the Sage Transformers to profoundly alter perception. You don’t have to change people’s minds, or teach them anything in order to motivate them. This remarkable new communication technology gives you innovative coaching tools that add power to your existing approach.

Coaching is Inspired Communication

Our approach utilizes the Sage Performance Scales. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, these scales provide an excellent map of the states of consciousness people move through as they ascend to high performance.

When you can use the performance scales together with accurate observation and feedback you will have the skills to help individuals and teams reach their goals.

Coaching is big fun. Attending this series will be one of the most exciting things you have ever done in your life. The event is fast-paced and the information is fascinating.

There is no greater feeling than the high you get when you bring out the lightness and vitality of high performance in other people. We will show you every step in the game of lifting people to the sheer joy of peak performance.

Discover New Dimensions of Aliveness

This exciting experience is the gateway to an entirely new dimension of human connection. You will discover the art of helping people achieve their full potential.

In an environment of unconditional positive regard you will come to deeply appreciate the good intentions and compassion that flow from the core of your being. Together with your classmates you will gel as a team and feel the surge of power that comes from striving together in teams.

Curiosity is the magic ingredient that transforms ordinary people into great players. We will show you how to elicit the latent desire that inspires your clients to win.

Join Us in the Winners Circle

As your instinctive intelligence awakens, you will discover how to turn on the three engines of the human body—intellect (head), sensation (heart), and energy (sacrum). You will discover the internal switch that shifts people from normal, waking attention to the second attention—the state of higher awareness known to all great athletes and performers. Your expanding aliveness will lift teams to astonishing levels of achievement.

The most successful coaches practice continuous learning. Join us to master the finest coaching tools available anywhere.


4 Tuesday night classes (01.-22. February 2022)

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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