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How to Find Your Wingman

Who's got your back? As you launch your projects, who can you really count on when the going gets tough? Do you have at least one true partner who matches your devotion? Who will travel with you to the ends of the earth?

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It's time to take your game to the next level. The most important element of success is finding the right business partner. When you find “the one” who is dedicated to achieving success together with you, your projects will rise to levels you could have never imagined. 

The leap from working in your business to growing an exciting team comes down to the quality of the connection between you and the person who shares your dream.

Hewlett had Packard. Rolls had Royce. Larry Page (Google) has Sergey Brin. Elon Musk has Gwyneth Shotwell—the brilliant engineer who gets his Big Falcon Rockets off the ground. Henry Ford couldn’t tie his shoelaces, let alone become the richest man in the world, without his wife Clara. He called her “the Believer”. Microsoft founder Bill Gates would have floundered without Melinda. Warren Buffett created a business empire, thanks to the loving devotion of his wife Susan.

Who do you have? Who has your security, safety, and belonging as their mission? More importantly, whose dreams have become your plans?

No one makes it alone. Very few people go the distance together. Short-term project partners are valuable, but they will never pour their hearts into the game of business with you. Powerful partnerships are the one and only formula for fulfilling your destiny.

No Team, No Dream 

In your private life, you can find a lover or mate based on appearance and chemistry. To find your business partner requires the ability to spot talent and measure performance. In math, 1+1= 2. In business, two dedicated players add up to 10 times more power to achieve.

A business triad is three partners who operate as one heart and one mind. The power of 3—a visionary, marketer, and manager—transforms energy into synergy, easily producing the power of 100 individuals.

Your first step is learning how to recruit and train potential players. Recruit one partner to complete an easy simple project. Both players devote time and energy to delivering an exciting project or service. Then share the income equally before taking on a bigger challenge.

Headhunters and recruiters find people to fill positions. They fill slots. But they rarely fit the needs of the company. Entrepreneurs invest several years conducting trial and error seed projects, until the very finest players emerge from the pack. The Recruiting and Training workshop walks you through the complex sorting process. One wrong choice will create a series of disasters, followed by years of recrimination and conflict. The cost of a marital divorce pales in comparison to that of a business break-up. 

Mia Sage is the master of matching people and building powerful partnerships. Her radar is impeccable. Her clear, honest feedback can save you decades of wasted effort. Mia can show you how to recruit and train top players. Her team will show your team how to find your core leaders, and how to forge them into a great business force.  

More than 80% of millionaires earned their success by becoming entrepreneurs. None of them made it on their own. Here you will learn the 7 levels of organizational development, and begin the process of becoming the kind of leader that other leaders want to bond with.

Recruiting and training are absolutely the most important skills necessary to growing an exciting business and living an outstanding life.  Effective business owners create jobs and enjoy the best that life has to offer. They live where they want and do as they please.

Invest a few days to make the leap to the big leagues.  

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