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Transformation & Rejuvenation

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You can look and feel years younger by shifting your attention to a new adventure. Transformation & Rejuvenation is six days of music, gentle movement, easy laughter, and meaningful conversation that takes place on the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea. We want to welcome you to join us for a journey to the Self, to discover to a lighter, more youthful you.

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Your chronological age is fixed by the number of times your body has orbited the sun. Your biological age, however, is determined by how you play. With a proper blend of movement, fun, touch, and nutrition you can create a body that is up to 20 years younger than your years.

When you play with abandon your face and body release waves of tension. Your eyes glow with aliveness. You feel the fire of desire that puts a spring in your step. By playing games designed to fit your nature, you discover a third measure of age—you recover the youthful soul that transcends birth and death.

Your true nature is the infinite beauty you see in young children--both eternal and timeless. You can learn to adjust your perception of age and vitality by observing subtle fluctuations in the faces and bodies of like-minded women that serve as your perfect reflection. The eyes are the windows of the soul. Here on Ibiza you will spend 6 days learning to go “through the looking glass” into a world of exciting adventure.

You can find Yoga classes and healthy food almost anywhere. Transformation & Rejuvenation is much more. Here you enjoy a delightful blend of pleasurable freestyle movement and touch designed to help you find your own pace and rhythm. You prepare delicious food together and meet in specialized classes to find the inner voice that signals your true calling. The Sage Method offers a unique feedback system that utilizes delayed video images so you can see the essential beauty that others see in you. 

The staff and faculty of Transformation & Rejuvenation are experts in the process of regression—rolling back the years by releasing patterns of pressure that have weighed you down.

This is where you come to make new friends and to be the friend a friend would want to have. You will acquire innovative patterns of communication that will transform your family and your social life in surprising ways. You might even plant the seeds for a new career or relationship–one that will reinforce your optimal lifestyle.

The next course begins on October 8th, so be sure to make your reservation today. Then you can contact us for assistance with hotel reservations and flight details. Feel free to contact us via email to set up a free introductory Skype session. 

P.S. You can find more information on our method at www.sageyoga.eu

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