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The Sage Performance Scales

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The greatest mystery in our lives is the desire to know who we are. Religions, philosophies, and modern sciences have devoted incredible resources in their quest to explain the origins of life and to explore our vast human potential. From the act of creation to the Big Bang to the singularity, highly intelligent people have vied for the answer to the questions we are all asking.

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For eons our ancestors assumed that the world was flat. The evidence was compelling. But if the ancient Greeks really thought the world was flat, why didn’t they portray Atlas with a pancake on his broad shoulders?

Most sciences focus on objective events that occur outside of us. But as Freud and his contemporaries noted, the science of our inner world is subjective. Each traveler must explore the inner terrain alone. Fortunately, the teams at Sage University have created charts you can use as maps for the incredible journey within.

Our actions reveal some of the qualities that let us know who we are. The love between people also offers deep insights into the nature of our being. The Sage Performance Scales are based on film images and feedback of more than 100,000 curious entrepreneurs. They provide a progression of the stages people go through as they search for exciting adventures they can use to create prosperity and happiness.

Some people hesitate to ask for directions when they sojourn from the cradle to the grave. So we created a 3-day course to show you how to use your body as the map for your conscious awareness.

The love you feel in your heart is your North Star. Warm sensations in your chest let you know when you are getting warmer or colder in your search to fulfill your destiny.

If you ski, you know how hard it is to fly down the slopes and study the map of the mountain at the same time. In this online event you will learn to read your own sensations as you ignite passion and pleasure in the people you love.

Socrates invented dialogue more than 2,000 years ago. In our lifetime Mia Sage reinvented this wonderful way on conversing by weaving receptive (feminine) wisdom and nurturing into the art of conversation. Her communication transformers transform knowledge into intelligence.

Smart people have built enough weapons to destroy humanity many times over. Wise people learn to win the hearts of influential men and women of every race, culture, and lifestyle. Here you will learn to go beyond active listening to deeply hear the meanings and intentions of others. By exploring our humanity deeply, we discover new ways to love and appreciate everyone you meet. Your loving protection and sweet acceptance bring out dormant qualities few people ever realize.

Nelson Mandela said that people are born to love. They learn to hate. The Sage Method heals the pain that makes people want to strike out at others.

This course taps into our natural ability to sing in harmony and dance with joy. If you are ready to live in the realm of the senses, we can show you how. Join us for a few illuminating days to master strategic life design. Why not live your own dream beginning right now?

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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