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Sage Writing School

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Your legacy is the greatest gift you can bestow on your friends and family. Your memoirs and musings are your connection to your children's children for eternity. Effective writing is a craft that requires extensive re-writing and editing until you produce a gem of great value.


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Publishing your story in a blog, book or song lifts you out of ordinary life and places you among accomplished people in history. Song writers, script writers and authors enjoy influence and acclaim. People respect you when you show the discipline to produce meaningful work.

Successful books and scripts for audio and film presentations become the cornerstone of your career. If you have the courage to start and the discipline to persevere, we can help you write much better than you do now. We can also help you build a team of assistants, fans, editors, ghostwriters, and critics who will give you the energy and inspiration you need to complete your writing projects.

Most writers write in repetitive loops. Writers tend to use the same words and phrases over and over, even when trying to convey new ideas. So they lose their readers.

When you are ready to take the quality of your writing to a new level, the 3-day Sage Writing School gives you the skills and the practice you need. Here you learn to express yourself better in print by writing together with experienced writers. You get the inspiration and feedback you need to expand your ability and style.

When you can use words and sentences to build interest you can make people listen to their own inner voice. They internalize your wisdom because they hear your ideas through their own internal dialogue. After reading your work people will know you better. Quality writing makes you stand out as an expert in your field.

Fiction and non-fiction both tell  compelling stories. As you master the art of storytelling in literature your pen will become mightier than any sword. Your keyboard will transform into a power tool that is capable of reaching the hearts of people everywhere.

People read blogs and buy books because they like the writer’s view. So you will want to speak to people through print in a warm voice that sounds like you. Your wit, warmth and wisdom will invite them to devote time to reading and enjoying your perspectives.

A written text amplifies your voice and illuminates your standing in the world. People see authors as authorities. You gain credibility. When you write well-organized articles you position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

In this course you will master the rhythm and pace of writing. We will conduct sensory writing exercises and provide the feedback you need to communicate your feelings.

  • Make your mark on society
  • Become a legend in your family and culture
  • Earn the respect of the right people
  • Deeply understand and appreciate your life
  • Transform your memories into compelling stories
  • Win friends and influence people
  • Take your earning power to the next level
  • Acquire status among people you admire

Writing is a team sport. We will show you how to take pleasure in writing and how to produce excellent work to build your reputation. Be a writer. Join us for the Sage Writing School so we can show you how.

Sage University provides a unique training experience. All content is a form of edutainment based on role-play. Courses contain strong language and adult content. All trainings are recorded and participation requires signing a release form. 

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