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The Mystical Arts

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clark

According to modern physics, the world you see is a mental picture of a unified reality. Those who can see beyond appearances can harness powerful, unseen forces. They can make better choices because they see currents beneath the surface. 

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Beliefs and ideas create a shadow world. In this two-day event, you will learn to see what is invisible to others. Seeing the big picture reveals innovative choices in tune with the wisdom of human nature.

Achievement and fulfillment come to those who align with nature. This isn't something you can learn or teach, but rather a simple, natural awareness that occurs as you let go of opinions and ideologies.  

In school, people are taught to use convergent (deductive) reasoning to seek solutions. Critical thinking is valuable. But it works far more effectively when you master the art of divergent (inductive) reasoning. The blend of sensible and sensual awareness enriches every aspect of your career and lifestyle.

The real world is a mystery but it is not mysterious. Adults look at the sky and see stars. Children see the light. Enlightened people see the beauty.  

The wind is invisible but you can see it by the bending of the grass, the waving of the trees, and the movement of sailing ships. By simply shifting your attention from objects to invisible forces and conditions you become the navigator of your craft and the captain of your fate.

The Mystical Arts is based on proven scientific principles combined with inspired philosophical insights. Together we will construct special lenses to see realities that don't appear on your mental screen. Instead of wasting time trying to influence other people, you will see new pathways opening before you. Contentment in your heart is your North Star. You will see your way by the light you bring to the faces of other people.

You were not born to be domesticated. Your true nature is curious and carefree. As you learn to navigate the supernatural world, you will discover the illusive obvious--the people, places, and things that brighten your perceptions.

You are welcome to join us for a couple of days to transcend enculturation and habitual reactions. You will encounter different perspectives that transform pressures into simple pleasures. Please contact us at info@sageuniversity.com for more information or for instructions on how to enroll.

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