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Everybody has talent

Anybody can learn to inspire others by speaking, performing, or conducting a message on stage or on social media. When you touch the hearts of other people you dissolve their doubts and fears. You earn their trust. There is no feeling as fulfilling as the rush of love you feel when you go from shy to SHYNE.

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A business owner attended a series of courses at Sage to craft a humorous talk about health. He shared his message hundreds of times in front of large and small audiences. His enjoyment of the people became the magnetic force that made his business and his life so fulfilling. Over the years he became a seasoned performer, drawing love and laughter from the people he served. To this day he is one of the most successful practitioners in his field.

Great performance is a skill. It isn’t a talent that some people have and others don’t. Public speaking is a craft. Your voice becomes an instrument that fascinates and inspires. Your heart becomes the transformer that amplifies your respect into a clear signal that wins the trust of good people.

Your success in business and life comes down to your ability to move people with your message. Great presentations take poise, timing, vitality, strategy, and just a touch of magic.

You already have flair. What you need is valid feedback that can fan that spark into a flame. The coaches at Sage University bring out the traits that make you a force of nature. They can see the hidden brilliance in you and encourage your radiance until you are glowing and your presentations sparkle and shine.

Virtually all public speaking courses can teach you how to move, to speak, and to present a logical, solid message. Traditional training uses old-fashioned criticism and teaching techniques that put you in your head. Our systemic approach expands your awareness so that you can accurately sense the flow of energy and the waves of vitality that bring your message alive.

SHYNE ignites the warmth in your heart so your audiences can feel the glow in their own bodies and minds. Our playful role-play and inner theater fans the flames of your confidence. As your message takes root in you, your words awaken the aliveness of your audiences.

Forget about hype. Here you will learn to see and feel the field of vitality that people share, and to fuse your passion with theirs. You will learn how to view the audience as a living system that responds like a fine orchestra to your words, tones, and vibrations.

Appreciative Inquiry: The most effective way to get your attention off yourself is by asking questions that reveal peoples’ finest qualities to them. Your deep curiosity unlocks peoples’ minds. They will remember you, and they will tell their friends. A great presentation makes people curious by planting penetrating questions in their minds. When you learn the right questions and master the timing of inquiry, you will move people through profound stages of understanding. Your queries reveal the desires in them that light them up. People come away with an experience of their genuine quality. Your curiosity gives them a glimpse of their own value.

The Fun in Function: There is a great secret known only to the finest performers and trainers--when you are highly amused, you are highly amusing. Your audience responds to the vibration of your pleasure far more than to what you say or do.

Magnetism—The Invisible Force: When you speak to people, you are always presenting in two domains simultaneously. One is the physical room filled with minds and bodies exchanging words and ideas. The other is the field of information and energy that fills the room. Only the finest speakers can bring people to such vivid states of enthusiasm.

Find Your Authentic Theme: Your challenge is to find your authentic message so that you connect your natural creativity with other creative people. Most public speeches, and presentations are based on the familiar notion that there is a problem and that the content of your training will solve it. But that theme gets old. Real life is more fascinating than just problem-solving. Great performers discover innovative themes that inspire and transform. Your true message emanates from the very core of your being.

Storytelling: Influential speakers surprise and delight audiences with parables and descriptions of events that leave people astonished and hungry for more. There are enough speakers talking about awareness, realization and how-to themes. Only the finest presenters discover the rhythms and sensations that create an authentic experience.

How it Works: First you become part of a team spirit so strong that you feel the compelling message that is yours alone. Then you will take the stage to pour your heart and soul into raising the intelligence and energy of your teammates. They will encourage you--no advice or criticism--just loud clear feedback that will feel just right.

You Can Do This: Contagious excitement ignites unexpected passions that will reveal you as the person that you always wanted to be. You can forget about stage fright, timidity, and lack of confidence. You will never again have to worry about aggressive audiences or critics. The Sage University trainers will shift your entire reality to renew your authentic nature.

*The SHYNE event is a tribute to Dr. Mei Hillhouse. Her devotion and participation permeates our curriculum and the spirit of Sage. 

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