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All top athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs hire professional coaches to train and inspire them. The most important part of their partnership comes through private conversations. The key to your success is finding the right coaching team—the one who brings out your highest and best qualities.

This special includes 10 mentor sessions and 10 coaching sessions. 

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If your life is fulfilling your dreams, you are on the right path. But if you are burning with the desire for change, you need a new strategy. If you are ready to commit to the length of time necessary to create the life you want, Sage will provide a dedicated coach, along with the mentoring you need.

By partnering with the right coaching team you create strategies to develop your career, find the right partner, and live a harmonious, exciting adventure. Systemic coaching determines whether life goes on as usual, or whether you live your love and earn what you are worth.

Most coaching is an exchange of time for a fee. A client pays for brief sessions to get on track. Life coaches handle relationship matters. Business coaches handle career issues. Occasional coaching lets you create tactics to deal with what is happening. Tactics are the noise before defeat.

Strategy is the consistent steps you take to reach the goals you desire. Getting the life you want requires a consistent, adaptive strategy and excellent execution.

When Novak Djokovic hired Boris Becker to coach him in tennis, he began winning all the big tournaments. Since he broke his coaching contract he has played near the bottom of the field. So where is your game now? Are you finding that partner? Is your career where you want it to be?

Real change is the greatest challenge you will face in your life. When you have a great coaching team your chances of success go from 0 to 80%. If you are as dedicated and hard working as we are, you can absolutely get the results you desire.  

The mentor session is to develop the steps you must take to get where you want to go. The coaching session is to go over your checklists to provide feedback on your progress. Constancy is the only way you are going to get a return on your investment. We have to be certain each week that you are completing the tasks to fulfill your dream. 

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