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  1. Interviews with Jerry Karzen

    Interviews with Jerry Karzen

    The human body is a multi-sensory instrument, capable of great awareness. When you receive accurate feedback your body recovers the vivid perceptions you enjoyed in early childhood. Jerry Karzen is the most experienced, effective practitioner we know. His skills and insights are woven throughout the Sage University curriculum. Your approach stands out from all other coaching and training systems, because of Jerry’s contribution to our methodology. Learn More

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  2. Metamorphosis


    Like people who live ordinary lives, lowly caterpillars crawl through life. Progress is slow and tedious. Birds, lizards, and other animals feast on them. Each endures an isolated, dreary existence. Nevertheless, a few of these humble insects endure long enough to build a cocoon and go into hibernation. 

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  3. People Reading

    People Reading

    Have you ever watched a great coach bring out the best in people, and wished that you had that ability? People reading gives you the power to communicate with people on a deep level.

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  4. Perspective


    Perspective is a business camp for highly effective leaders. Sage University assembles a team of elite coaches—specialists in the art of inspiration—to remind you of your finest qualities and to lift you above the fray where you can see your business and your life from a higher, lighter vantage point.

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  5. Principals of Hypnotherapy

    Principals of Hypnotherapy

    The deepest and most profound intervention you can provide as a coach or therapist comes when you establish communication with the collective unconscious mind. At this level people put aside differences of personality and culture so that they can tap into a deeper shared experienced of love and healing.

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  6. Strategic Intervention

    Strategic Intervention

    Leadership is the most important factor in successful companies. Most businesses eventually fail because the leaders know more about the business than about the people they lead.

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  7. Teambuilding


    We all know how good it feels to play on a team with other people that share our excitement and love of the game. When you apply teamwork to your business you achieve far greater rewards.

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  8. The Art of Persuasion

    The Art of Persuasion

    When you can penetrate the human heart with your respect and awareness, people at all levels gather to serve you. Integral Leadership brings integrity to the relationships and connections that will fulfill your desires and empower your aspirations.

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  9. The Communication Seminar

    The Communication Seminar

    Everything you desire comes to you through other people. The more effectively you communicate your needs, the greater the probability that you will make other people happy and achieve fulfillment with your life.

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  10. The Feminine Mystique

    The Feminine Mystique

    A woman who is happy feels attractive, passionate, kind, vibrant and soulful. While most women today have turned into experts at juggling their daily demands and responsibilities, many have lost touch with that sweet vibrant part of themselves.

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