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  1. The Magic of Teamwork

    The Magic of Teamwork

    We all know how good it feels to play on a team with other people that share our excitement and love of the game. When you apply teamwork to your business you achieve far greater rewards. As you learn how to win people to give their best, you begin to look forward to the pleasure of each and every business day.

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    Excl. Tax: €165.29 Incl. Tax: €200.00
  2. The Private Coaching Session

    The Private Coaching Session

    Earning your living as a professional coach requires good people and business skills. On this audio, we assist you in learning how to work with high performance players, conduct a private session, and describe your craft to people who want to hire you as their coach.

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    Excl. Tax: €2.44 Incl. Tax: €2.95
  3. The Turning Point

    The Turning Point

    There is only one person powerful enough to change your life. There is only one moment to make it happen. The person is you, and the moment is now. By signing up for the Turning Point you signal your decision to end life as you know it and create the life you are meant to live.

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    Excl. Tax: €247.93 Incl. Tax: €300.00
  4. Theories of Personality

    Theories of Personality

    When you coach highly educated people you want to be well informed. This course gives you the academic background you need to represent the coaching profession.

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    Excl. Tax: €826.45 Incl. Tax: €1,000.00
  5. Trainer Training

    Trainer Training

    Have you ever listened to an enchanting speaker, or watched a charismatic trainer, and wondered how it would feel to inspire people like that? The person in front of the room has the fun, gets the attention, earns the money, and has the best chance to find the right mate or partner.

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