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At Sage University, we provide weekly interactive online training for 40€ per month

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Typical coach training costs thousands of dollars for a few weeks. Traditional business schools also charge high fees. Most students accrue large debts to study theoretical notions. And those systems are boring. At Sage University we apply live, interactive skill building sessions by rehearsing real-life situations you are encountering in your practice or business.

Our trainers aim to inspire. You will quickly find yourself coaching and training your classmates to discover innovative ways to light them up. We "learn by doing". You can observe for as long as you like. When you are ready to try, you just raise your hand and jump in.

If your classmates like your approach, they give you a thumb’s up, and you continue. If you suck, we all applaud and cheer for you, and thank you for sharing your mistakes. Normally it takes around a thousand mistakes before a coach or business leader gathers enough experience to rock someone’s world. We speed up the process by jumping in, falling, and learning from everyone’s successes and failures. Your fellow students will appreciate you for every victory and every defeat, because you make all of us better.

The courses are fun because we practice behavioral rehearsal (specialized role-play) with other curious people who want to develop warmer, more effective people skills. 

Live online seminars are a wonderful way to make good friends and earn the trust of other people. You get to know people really well because we all coach and train each other over a long period of time. You gain terrific skills one bit at a time as you build friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Sage Method isn’t about fixing you or making you a better person. You are fine just as you are. Our coaching and training transforms people into players by building team spirit. It’s all in the excitement we share.

Entrepreneurs, employees, and executives use coaching and business skills to advance their careers and bring out the best in the people they serve. You can use this delightful process to become a professional coach, or to become a better boss or team player. You can also use it to bring harmony to your home and improve conditions in your family and business systems.

Haven’t you always wanted to have amazing people reading skills and bring out the best in others? Continuous improvement and life-long learning are the keys to start your engines and carry you to a new level.

Each class is one hour long. Punctuality is essential, because it is the cornerstone of project management for effective people. 

Each session is followed by a 30 minute Q&A session for those who want to know more about Sage University.

Our mission is to provide affordable continuous education for people who want to improve their performance in their present career.


Tuesdays at 9PM (Central European Summer Time)

Please be aware that these sessions are being recorded. By joining the classes, you are giving us permission to use the recordings for training and broadcast. 

Reality TV doesn’t present people in the best light. Our unique Ultra Reality TV brings out everything good and sweet in our fellow human beings. Enrollment for CoachMart requires a media release form so that we can share what happens in the course for other coaches on www.freecoachtv.com and other outlets. So, bring your sense of humor, put on your game face, and get ready to contribute to the world by participating in the most exciting game to ever hit the airwaves.

If you would like more information about how we store the recordings and what we do with them, please contact us at info@sageuniversity.com.

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