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The Curiosity Factor

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Genuine innovation yields tremendous benefits. The most valuable contribution you can make is to cultivate the innate curiosity and authentic creativity that opens new dimensions of perception.

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Human beings are highly intelligent creatures. But our business and education systems foster processes and procedures that foster arrogant, ignorant behavior that pits our intellectual and emotional resources against one another. The time has come to organize communities and companies into cooperative, collaborative systems.

People want to tell you what they think. You seldom agree. Eventually everyone becomes disagreeable. Ordinary thinking yields little or no value.

Leaders and explorers focus on how they think. They cultivate a unique sense of curiosity that leads to fascinating discoveries and life-changing breakthroughs. 

Einstein insisted that he possessed average intelligence. It was his curiosity about science that advanced his career and brought innovation to his field. 

Your curiosity is different. You might wonder about business, partnerships, fashion, art, or other themes that are meaningful to you. Yet your imagination and sense of wonder are no less profound than any of the great thinkers whose discoveries have changed the world.

You sacrificed your unique curiosity when you learned the 26 letters and 10 numbers that reduce thought to simplistic patterns of repetition. But your savant qualities are very much alive and well beneath the clutter of your subconscious mind.

Sage University is the world leader in the process of awakening your innocent, radiant intelligence. Our teams have spent the last 30 years developing methods to increase the luminosity in your brain, body, and mind.

Cultivating curiosity generates breakthrough innovation, which increases your aliveness and expands your career and business possibilities. No other course can move you like this. Please call for a private interview to see if this special training fulfills your needs and enables your aspirations. 

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