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Top Gun

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On your journey through life you occasionally meet an outstanding mentor, whose love and wisdom changes your life and puts you on the road to true success. Joan Garbo inspired us to commit our lives to integrity. By doing our best in business, we founded Sage University and assisted thousands of people to start their own enterprises. Now Joan will conduct 7 Monday Night online classes from middle January through February for people who want to form a global Sage Team by mastering the art of enrollment. 

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The first and most important step in a successful life is to find your life game. When you know what you want to do with your life, then it is time to find your team or your tribe. By forming partnerships and conducting projects together with other like-minded people, you can achieve more than you ever imagined. The great players practice constantly to make sure their skills are on par with the best people in the business. 

The finest Naval aviators attend Top Gun, the pinnacle of flight school. Likewise, Sage offers elite enrollment training for coaches, trainers, and consultants who intend to rank among the finest in the world. That is why we are collaborating with Joan Garbo. Her life and career reflect the highest levels of performance. Joan is a business woman who gets results, while inspiring people to develop a philosophy of fairness and reciprocity. This is your chance to experience her powerful sense of personal responsibility. Join us online to master effective action that can take you to the top of your chosen field.

For several consecutive Mondays, we will play an intense enrollment game to share the attitude and skills necessary to achieve success in your life. If you believe in our products and services, we invite you to join us for mentorship with the most effective business woman we have ever met.

You pay 200€ for 7 exciting, challenging sessions. By playing 100%, you will find talents and abilities you never knew you had.

There is no greater gift than giving one’s life for others. We have been watching the lone wolves fall by the way for many years now. The power is with the pack. We learn from each other and we play as a unit. You can join us for a few weeks to feel the power of genuine teamwork. If you go your own way after that, you will have advanced skills to create your own system. You are also welcome to join us to form a global business web that is changing the world, one career at a time.

Harvard and Oxford alumni help each other in every arena of corporate and political collaboration. Sage alumni take the game of entrepreneurship to even higher levels of connection. If you want to know what that is like, invest a couple of hundred bucks and a few Monday afternoons or evenings (depending on your time zone).

You don’t have much to lose, and you might have everything to gain by becoming part of something bigger than yourself.

Here are the rules:

• Be on time. The ZOOM meetings get locked one minute after the beginning of each class.

• Have fun. Your pleasure is the element that makes this game work for everyone.

• Pour your heart into the enrollment game. Make Sage University a legend.

• Put integrity first above all. Make business the ultimate game in your life.

• Be honest and accountable, even in the small details.

• Honor and respect your classmates and clients.

If you want to play all out for a couple of months, let us know. Experience the miraculous power of teamwork to transform your passion into the adventure you have always wanted.

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