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In school, we learned to sit in awkward positions all day, straining to memorize our lessons. Our bodies grew stiff and sore as we formed poor posture and habitual constrictions. As we mature, our bodies grow numb, closing off the senses and reducing our brilliant curiosity.

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Sage Yoga is based on yin principles of gentle nurturing movement you can use to release and eliminate many of the aches and pains that go with our modern lifestyles. You can restore the physical fluidity and mental elasticity that lies dormant in your true nature.

Patanjali’s original yoga evolved into various forms over many centuries. Feldenkrais applied modern science to develop a gentler way to find relief. Sage Yoga is a restful version of Yin Yoga that is softer and more pleasurable. Loving tones and playful movements awaken the childlike wisdom of your body. 

Gentle playful involvement and physical contact reduces stress, tension, and pain from your body and mind. The most effective way to feel more alive is through simple, easy, self-directed movements.

Each muscle and tendon in your body is designed to turn, twist, stretch and move. Your muscle tone organizes the organs, tissues, nerves and bones in a marvelous matrix. When you gently move your body through its natural range of motion, you enliven the entire system. Pulses of pleasure release pressure and dissolve pain.  Your body begins to glow with vitality

Too often we work, walk, sit, and lie on flat surfaces in fixed positions. Muscles and joints begin to hurt and then quickly grow numb. Over time we lose awareness in over 80% of the body and brain.

Gymnastics, yoga, jogging, and sports expand awareness of the physical field with some proven benefits. But, repetition and directed exercises create bad habits that are likely to exacerbate the problem. Fitness training, machines, and aerobic movement methods work well enough for competitive athletes. But they only stimulate a small fraction of the body and brain. Jogging and calisthenics tend to strengthen certain areas while weakening others, resulting in soreness, strain and injuries. The beneficial results of typical workouts are temporary. Resistance training creates emotional resistance, so most people give up and quit.

Fitness can’t be measured by bulky muscles or by how long you can endure.  Authentic fitness is easy and fun. Micro movements and receptive touch awakens your intelligent body/mind providing feedback to help you avoid pain and create sensations of pleasure. With Sage Yoga you discover playful, relaxing movements that will alleviate stiffness, strain, and numbness as you develop a supple physique.

Most fitness programs play follow the leader. A trainer, teacher, or guru creates movements that work for his particular body type. Instead of listening to the patterns of pain and pleasure in their own bodies, people follow canned exercises. Spas and gyms typically make their money by collecting long-term payments from people who rarely if ever show up.

Sage Yoga brings friends together for play and laughter. Dialogue and body talk sessions awaken the vitality of each unique body. The most sensitive guide to your body is you. By exploring gentle, creative movement and receptive contact you learn how to listen to the wisdom of your own body.

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