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  1. Bachelor Program

    Bachelor Program

    The most effective entrepreneurs, coaches, and business players prepare for their careers with the same dedication as professional knowledge workers in more traditional fields. That is why an unaccredited entrepreneurial degree from Sage University requires 4 years of 30 annual days in the classroom, along with an internship to ensure the application of your knowledge and skills.   

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    Excl. Tax: €2,479.34 Incl. Tax: €3,000.00 As low as: €1,595.00
  2. Getting to Yes

    Getting to Yes

    Superior negotiation and persuasion skills make all the difference in your prosperity and quality of life. Getting to Yes is four days of rehearsal in the Harvard Principle of negotiating agreements without compromising friendship.

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    Excl. Tax: €330.58 Incl. Tax: €400.00
  3. Integrity Selling

    Integrity Selling

    High-level salespeople create authentic relationships that put the power of choice in the hands of the buyer. Integrity Selling explores the process of transference and counter transference in earning lifelong trust and loyalty with your clients. 

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    Excl. Tax: €826.45 Incl. Tax: €1,000.00
  4. Internet Marketing & PR

    Internet Marketing & PR

    A terrible thing happens when you fail to market--nothing. Without advertising and public relations you might as well be invisible. No one will say bad things about you because no one will say anything about you at all.

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    Excl. Tax: €826.45 Incl. Tax: €1,000.00
  5. Networking


    When you master the art of networking you automatically receive a steady stream of new clients just by word-of-mouth. The Networking Seminar teaches you the people skills you need to inspire other people to refer their friends and colleagues to you.

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    Excl. Tax: €826.45 Incl. Tax: €1,000.00
  6. Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    The right combination of selling and marketing can multiply your earnings exponentially. By blending public relations, print advertising, media, and direct marketing with a well-trained sales team, you can reach far more people with much less effort. Learn More
    Excl. Tax: €826.45 Incl. Tax: €1,000.00
  7. Sales Mastery

    Sales Mastery

    The most reliable way to increase your cash flow is by improving your persuasive skills. Sales Mastery provides 6 days of rehearsal in the art of conversational selling. You will learn to win friends who will be a part of your business for years to come.

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    Excl. Tax: €826.45 Incl. Tax: €1,000.00
  8. Selling from the Heart

    Selling from the Heart

    The main reason people buy from you is because they like you. No matter how effective or unique your product or service, the buying decision comes down to how people feel about themselves when they are with you. The mind can solve problems. But it is your warm, kind heart that activates the law of attraction. 

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    Excl. Tax: €330.58 Incl. Tax: €400.00
  9. Selling Them Softly

    Selling Them Softly

    A successful entrepreneur achieved success by offering outstanding services to his clients. To increase his financial advantage, he applied high pressure selling tactics. After several years he noticed that he had plenty of customers but no friends or close family.

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    Excl. Tax: €330.58 Incl. Tax: €400.00 As low as: €80.01
  10. The Art of Closing the Sale

    The Art of Closing the Sale

    You can double your income instantly by improving your ability to close sales. We can show you how. Invest a few days and a few hundred bucks to learn how to get out of people’s way so that more folks will hand you cash, give you their credit card numbers, write you a check, or transfer money into your account. Learn More

    Excl. Tax: €330.58 Incl. Tax: €400.00